Ham and Peas

It doesn’t look like much right now, but I planted peas today.  It seems early, but the guy that gave me the garlic in the fall, the one who is the great gardener, said yesterday that he is planting his peas today.  I figure he knows more about it than me.  And he lives in Stratton.  30 miles further north and a much higher elevation than New Portland.  So I planted my peas today.

I have a row on either side of the fence. On the side closest to us I planted Early Perfection.  66 days to maturity.  On the other side of the fence, Alaska.  55 days to maturity.  It only took half of each package to plant this row.  You are supposed to be able to grow peas again in the fall, so I may try that.  Or if it turns out to be too early for these, I can always replant.

I would have planted some spinach in the same spot, because that can go in even earlier than peas, but I don’t have any seeds.  I will have to get some this week.  This winter I tossed out all of my old seeds.  I know some of them can last a few years, but I have had them for a while.  Some things didn’t come up last year, so I think it was time to start over.

Ham and Peas?  Our Easter ham is in the cooker.  The very same cooker used for dyeing, yes.  Yes, it has been scrubbed since dyeing fiber.  No, we are not Eastern Orthodox Christians.  They are celebrating their Easter today.  We just didn’t cook ours last week.  But it should have gone into the cooker earlier because it is getting towards supper time and its not nearly cooked yet.

Happy Sunday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Ham and Peas

  1. You can always throw some slices into the frying pan or the microwave and have the rest tomorrow. Happy Sunday to YOU. Check e-mail.

  2. Pea Soup here today! It may have come out good. Uncle has a cold and cannot taste and I do not eat much of it because of the salt! OH WELL, auntie v

  3. Leave it to your Mom to figure out the pattern corrections. I will be heading to Maine next week and am planning on seeing her. I boxed up some books today to leave with her for the nnext time you get togrther, whenecer that may be

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