What is Texas Kid Mohair?

After my Mum asked this question, “What is Texas Kid Mohair?”, I realized that I never addressed that in my previous post.  Mohair is a type of goat, not a sheep.  The locks on this type of goat, an Angora goat, are long curly lustrous locks.  Like locks of hair.  This website gives some basic information about them:     http://www.mohairusa.com/

This picture is from google, but is a great example of what mohair looks like before it is turned into combed top or roving.  All curly and springy.

So an Angora goat has fleece that is called mohair, and an Angora bunny has fur that is called Angora.  Confusing.  And an Angora goat looks like a sheep.

An Angora goat:

The fiber that I dyed was from a site on Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/listing/81653684/ashland-bay-texas-kid-mohair-spinning   from hippiechixfiber.

This is what I started with for roving.  This would be the locks that are show above, but having gone through another process at the fiber mill to make them easier to spin.  Or more uniform to spin.  I think easier is wrong, as the curly locks would be just as easy to spin.  Just different I guess.

I think I got a pretty good deal on it.  Including shipping, it was $14.25 for 8 ounces.   I think I figured that out to be $1.78 per ounce.  I consider anything under $2 per ounce to be a good deal for fiber, dyed or un-dyed.  But I find that fiber that has already been dyed is generally about twice the cost of un-dyed, or natural fiber, which I am learning in my dyeing education to probably be reasonable.

Anyway, that is your brief mohair lesson for today.  No quiz to follow.  Promise.  Oooooo, that would be fun wouldn’t it?  To give a quiz every 100 posts or so.  Just to see who has been paying attention and who has been just looking at the pictures (yes, that means you Ug).

2 thoughts on “What is Texas Kid Mohair?

  1. Very interesting-you see why I love this blog…Never saw an angora goat before-they are cuties.
    By the way, is your bunny an angora and do you pluck his fur and spin it?

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