A Sure Sign of Spring

On Tuesday this week we drove out to Salem.  We saw a sure sign of spring; horses being worked in a field.  We stopped so that I could take a few pictures.  Alan was horrified that we would do this, but since I knew who the driver of the team was, it didn’t seem a problem to me.

This is Kenric Charles.  He didn’t mind at all having his picture taken.  At first I thought he was his brother Andrew Chase who owns a dairy farm just a few yards down this road, but then I realized it was Kenric.  He said I should have known it was him because he “is the good looking one”.  You see, that is how I knew it would be okay to take pictures.

I asked was he training them to work the field, he said no, he was training his horses for the fairs.

Two well-behaved handsome beauties.  They stood very still by the side of the road until he told them to go on.  Kenric says they can stand right by the road when a trailer truck goes by and not even flinch.  This is a very busy road so I’m sure they have had to get used to the traffic.

All three of them seemed to be enjoying themselves.

3 thoughts on “A Sure Sign of Spring

  1. Judy and I read this one together and agree that those horses are wonderful. Also that BEAUTIFUL blue sky! Glad you had a chance to get out and enjoy the day.

  2. Thanks for showing me the beautiful horses,the awesome countryside way up there in Maine, and everything else you put on your site. I’m learning a lot of new things. Never knew that a robin had such lovely colors or that they also had BLUE in their feathers. Have a great weekend. I’ll catch you again later, Auntie V

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