Perfect Red Robin Red

I did it.  I am really happy with this color.  This is exactly what I was aiming for the first time.

This is that miserable bubble gum pink that I pulled out of the roving overdyed with red and a bit of green.  This was randomly mixed as it was the ends of two jars of dye.

This is the extra roving that I added.  This started out as white.  They dye was an interesting mix of red, orange, and a tiny bit of green.

I learned something interesting about reddish brown today.  Adding red dye and brown dye does not yield reddish brown (that was the pink mistake).  Adding a tiny bit of green dye to red dye yields the most beautiful reddish brown.  Interesting.

Once this batch is dry, I will show you the roving all together.  From what was really disappointing earlier today, has turned out to be really great.  I’m glad that I fixed the color mistakes this way.  And I learned a few things today too.  And I had fun.  I have been wanting to do some dyeing for a long time.  I hope you enjoyed it too, and were not too irritated with the play by play updates.  I think next time I will wait until the project is complete before I post about it.

One thought on “Perfect Red Robin Red

  1. Well, just got through catching up with your day! You, certainly, had a good day off! Where did you learn all of this stuff-on the internet? These robin colors are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the finished product. I am sure that they will be much prettier than some of those that I have seen in catalogues. I must say that my choice of yarn for the Dobby Hat was horrible and that after this one I will use my odds and ends of wool from boot socks to make one much more likely to please a house elf. (This one is REALLY awful-no respected house elf would ever wear It!!!!)

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