No, we’re not done yet–4th installment.

You see, this is why I should have waited to get some other things finished first.  They dyeing just goes on and on.

I was thinking about this roving too linearly.  Just because it is in one long piece does not mean it has to stay in that piece.  I have two solutions to the pink  color that I do not like in this fiber.  The first is that I have taken another length of undyed fiber and have it simmering in a bath of dye that is closer to what I had in mind.  I will add this in to the fiber as I am spinning in bits here and there.  It will blend in just fine.

The second part of this solution is that I have taken the one length of roving apart.  I have pulled out much of the offending pink.  It is soaking in water and vinegar and waiting its turn in the cooker.  It will get over dyed to something more pleasing.

I really just do not like pink and blue side by side.  Too baby.  Too candy colors or something.  But not pleasing to me.

Gee, good thing I got so much done today.

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