Cheatin’ and Dyein’ the third

***If you are just starting to read this post for today, this is the third part.  Please scroll down to the beans and go up from there.  Thanks!***

After the fiber came out of the steamer, I gave it a rinse in the sink, in very warm, almost hot water (that is what it was soaking in anyway).  I drained the water out of it, but did not squeeze or wring it out, just drained it.  It took about an hour to cook.  Not too long, really.   Then I hung it on the clothes line to dry.  It is so windy here today.  It has only been a couple of hours and it is mostly dry.

The colors aren’t bad, but not quite what I wanted.  I like all of it except the pinkish parts.  What I had in mind was the colors of robins.  The blues and greens and even the orange are right, but the pinks should have been redder.  The color of the dye in the jar was right, but not once it absorbed.  This is what I meant when I said you just kind of have to go with it.

So I have a few options.  The first, I can just leave it the way it is and try to like it (which right now, I don’t).  The second, I could go back and re-dye the pink parts a darker red (which I might).  The third, I could weigh out a similar amount of fiber, dye that whole piece the darker red, and use that as the second ply.  So one ply this color, one ply the robin red, ply them together.  The only problem with that is that I don’t know if I want to invest another 6 oz in this one yarn.  12 oz. of yarn that you are not that crazy about is a lot of yarn.  And a lot of spinning.  I will have to think about this for a while.  I will probably leave the dyed fiber out where I can see it for a few days and see what happens.

I have been instructed that I was remiss in not giving proper credit in these posts today.  The cooker belongs to Ug.  So, I do apologize if there was any confusion with regards to the fantastic cooker pictured here.  We have had many holiday dinners from this cooker.  And many batches of dyed yarn and wool too!  But I don’t think he knew that until today.  No, the next ham will not be green and blue and orange.  Not because of me anyway!

Thanks for sticking with the 3 part post today.


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