March Madness

I am really happy with the projects that are being finished this month.  I really feel like I am accomplishing something here rather than just having a vague idea of what I have going on.  The next step is to start some sort of a labeling system so that as I am done with one project, I will really be done with it.  When I want to use a yarn, I will know exactly how many yards there are and what the fiber content is.  Some information about where it came from is helpful too, and not just utilitarian, but a nice reminder of events and fairs that I have been too.

This yarn is a combination of alpaca and wool.  The red skein, and the red in the red and purple skein is wool.  It is the same gray wool that I mentioned previously (my first ever purchased whole fleece) that was overdyed red.  When gray is overdyed, meaning dye added to the gray yarn, the gray and the color combine to make a deeper or more complex color than if that same color had been applied to a white or lighter colored fleece.  That same red dye added to white fleece might come out bright red, lollipop red, whereas when dyed over gray wool, it is more of a cranberry or wine color.  Anyway, in this yarn, the red parts are wool.  The plum color is a wool and alpaca mix.  I dyed the red, but not the plum. The plum was roving that I purchased at the Common Ground Fair two years ago.   When mixing the wool and the alpaca, the yarn retains a lot of its softness (not all, but a lot) and the wool adds some structure to the yarn.

I have named this group Ripe Plums.  I like the colors together.  The red is not too red (more red than this photo is showing) but blends with the plum nicely.

This photo below is pretty close to the actual colors.

I learned something today about photography too.  Outside light is much better and gives a far truer picture than trying to get the light right inside.  Obvious to some, but I am learning this stuff on my own.

The yardage totals end out like this:  Red–66 yards, Plum–90 and 105 yards, Red and Plum–55 yards.  For a total of 316 yards.

2 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. As usual, enjoyed today’s blog. Keep up the good work. I look forward to this every morning. I need to set some goals, as well, in order to get “stuff” done before the weather turns and all I want to do is to be outside.

  2. Withall the projects i do, I knew nothing about spinning. Thanks for the lesson. I did have a 1945 weaving loom for a long time and used rags and occasionally yarn to weave things , mostly rugs and placemats and purses made out of the triangular pieces that I wove. I do miss that thing but it was so big that my husband finally got fed up with getting it in and out of every house when we moved. It needed a large part of a room and didn’t fit through most doors since it was the size of a piano! Anyway , I enjoy your blog and I missed you while you were gone. Thanks to your Mom too! I do have some interesting books that I’ll take to her when I head north next month. I think you would like reading them and probably keeping them. They are mostly about living in the woods or the coast of Maine many years ago.

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