In the mail

This arrived in the mail yesterday.  8 ounces of Texas kid mohair.  83% Texas kid mohair, 15% nylon and 2% superfine merino.  It was $12.25 with $2.00 shipping.  Including shipping that is $1.78 per ounce.  Not bad.   I got this through Etsy, from Hippie Chix Fiber Arts.

It is soft and should take dye very nicely.  I was a little disappointed though.  It is soft, but considering the 85% mohair, I thought it would be waaaaaaaaay soft.  I think the nylon content will be great for socks through.  (ahem, um, Mum?)

So this will sit and wait patiently for dyeing day.  Although in my head it is DYEING DAY.  This same seller through Etsy has some nice yarn for sale too, which I think I might get to add to dyeing day.

How I fund my fiber purchases is that I have a separate debit account at the other bank in town (there are only two, and not even in my town).  I add a few dollars here and there to it.  It never amounts to much.  But I put in bottle return money, $5 extra dollars here and there.  When it adds up to about $20 or $25 I treat myself to something in the mail.  Absolutely half of the fun for me is the waiting for it to come in the mail.  The fiber is good too, but just getting something in the mail is great!  I keep this separate account for only mail order, or computer orders.  I never use my real account that I live out of on line.  I figure if anything should happen, all a hacker would ever get from me is the $3 or $9 that I ever have left in that account.  Makes me feel better about buying stuff on line.


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