Forward March

I have been happily working my way through the spinning projects that I had already started some time back.  But then I realized just how many of these half finished things there are.  Now I am somewhat ashamed by them.  Not by them, but by their number.  I don’t think its that I lose interest in the current project, but its more that I get very excited by the next project.

What I really want to be doing right now is dyeing.  Not spinning or knitting, but dyeing.  It is so much fun.  And so full of surprises.  So I am using that as a reward for finishing all of these WIPs they call it.  (Works In Progress).  No dyeing until the spinning is done, and the baskets of fluff and fiber are organized.

This is what is on the wheel now:

This just says “March” to me.  Crocuses, new grass, robins.  Or, given my earlier post today, what March should look like.

This is 100% alpaca.  I have done all of the work on this one.  This was raw alpaca fleece purchased from Hidden Valley Alpacas, not more that half a mile from my house.  Probably less that a half mile.  I washed, dyed, carded, pulled into roving, and now am spinning this.  I love to work with alpaca.  It is sooooooo soft.  It is so easy to spin.  It takes dye beautifully.  It just behaves well.  What it does not do is bounce back well, like wool does.  Because of this it has a nice drape, but no elasticity.  Mixing it with wool would be best, but I just love it by itself.  If I wanted to make a sweater, I would definitely mix it, otherwise I think it would end up being a droopy out of shape mess.  But I think smaller, less bulky things are fine being just alpaca.

The yarn that is spun already may stay a single, or I may ply it together.  I’m not sure yet.  I really like a two ply yarn better than a single, but I feel that sometimes when the color is really vibrant in a roving, once plied it gets sort of muddied, or toned down as the colors barber pole together.  But a two ply is just more balanced and a nicer yarn that a lace weight single.  It will tell me what to do with it by the time I am done.

I just love this color.  I can’t remember now what I thought needed working on more than this to cause me not to finish this all at once.

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