On the wheel today

It was too cold and windy to be outside today.  Sunshiney and looked nice, but too windy and bitterly cold here.  There is yard work to start, but not quite yet.  I did some spinning today.  This is a project that I started last week.  Or re-started last week.  I had already spun some of this before on a drop spindle.  Sometimes I do a test skein to see if I am going to like the finished yarn before I start spinning the whole lot.  So maybe 20 yards on a spindle, then ply it together and see what it looks like.  So, I had done that sample skein, and liked it, and last week started with the wheel.

This is a random mix of fibers.  All wool, but odd lots of stuff mixed together.  The gray is from the very first fiber that I ever bought—a whole fleece about 6 years ago.  I still have a couple of bags left of it.  Some washed and some not.  This gray though I had mixed in a bit of the dyed wool with.  I liked the mix with the gray, just barely there.  I have saved out a piece of the gray mixed with the burgundy to use as a sample.  I would like to have some of just that combination.  A later project.

The dyed wool was just a very small amount that I purchased at Pins and Needles in Farmington.  http://www.pinsandneedlesme.com/  They don’t really sell spinning fiber, but she had tiny little bags made up for felting.  I think the little bag was $2.  I really love the color, but whoever packaged up this roving made a big mistake and CUT it to length.  Never, never, never cut roving.  It will ease apart on its own if you gently pull it.  It will separate at the ends of the fiber.  Cutting it causes there to be lots of little blunt ends, not naturally tapered ends.  Anyway, I’m glad I only spent two bucks and only got a little.

The white is just some generic “domestic” wool roving that I’ve had for a while and is good for dyeing.  I’m not using much of it in this mix, just a little accent here and there.

On the bobbin:

I like this yarn much better when it is loose, rather than wound into skeins.  The color variation comes through better I think.

As I am spinning a particular color, it usually tells me what it is called.  This has not done that yet.  Any suggestions?

As you have probably gathered, there are a lot of half-finished projects going.  I am trying to work through these before I start anything new.  And I am also itching to do some dyeing.  But I think I will use the dyeing as a reward for getting all of these half-finished things done.

Overall it was a pretty good Tuesday off.  Kind of low-key, not exactly a productive day, but a restive one.


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