Tidal Pool.

This is a skein that I recently finished spinning.  I have a few different skeins to show you, but this is the one for today.  It is 100% wool.  I did not dye it, but I bought it on Etsy.  I don’t have the particulars for it anymore.  I will start keeping better records of these things.  Firstly, to give proper credit for someone else’s dying and carding and secondly, so that I can go back to my notes in case I want to purchase more of something.

This was mostly spun already when I picked it up again.  It was on a bobbin as a single (one strand or one ply).  All I had to do was wind it off onto the ball winder and then ply it back on itself.  This should have been done when I finished spinning it, but I must have moved on to something else.  But now it is done and ready to use.

The particulars:   2 3/8 oz or 68 g, 150 yards, 100% wool.

It is soft, but not soft.  Not alpaca soft or anything, but still nice.  I like the color changes from gray to green to light then dark blue.  Not a drastic color difference, but very subtle.





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