Bridging the GAP

Without the computer for a month, I started working on some spinning projects, and worked on finishing a few others.   The fiber for this project came from a scarf I found at the dump transfer station.  It was really ugly, and came from the GAP.  The tag was still on it.  I did not take a picture of it before I took it apart.  I should have.  It was really long and very chunky.  The way that it was knit the edges were curled under.  I could not imagine wanting to wear such a thing.  But I picked it up because it was knit from unspun roving.  And 100% wool.  Cream colored wool (i.e, dyeable).

This is a photo of a sample I knit to show you what it (sort of) looked like before I took it apart.

It was wider, these are just a few stitches for illustration.  But it was big and ugly.  No wonder it was in the dump.  And around the edge was a crochet row of a beige color roving, but the color contrast just made the edging look dirty.

So I found the end and started to pull it out.  What I found when I got it all unraveled was that it was actually 2 plies of roving.  So twice the length I expected.

The fiber seemed to be ever so slightly felted.  I would not be able to spin from this fiber just as it was.  But I found that if I pulled it just barely apart to open up the fibers, it turned into very nice wool, incredibly soft, and something I could spin some usable yarn from.  This pulling apart is called pre-drafting.

These are little bundles of ready to spin fiber:

On the wheel:

I am mixing the beige and the white together on the wheel.  When dyed it will make shades of whatever color it takes on.  Lighter places and darker places in the same skein.

Once the bobbin on the wheel is full, the single ply yarn is transferred to the ball winder.  This makes a center pull ball.  From there I can ply together both ends of the ball.  When plying this way, there is no waste.  The yarn is basically folded back on itself.  When plying from two bobbins, one may have a bit more length on it than the other.  Even a few yards of unpliable single is time spinning time wasted.  I find plying the ball on itself is a good way to do this.  It does sometimes tangle itself, but not often.

Once plied, off the bobbin and onto the niddy noddy.

From the niddy noddy into a skein:

The finished yarn is really nice.  Very soft and squishy.  (Squishy IS  a technical term in spinning and knitting).  I have lots more of this to spin. Once it is all spun, I will wash it all in one batch.  I don’t have a particular project in mind for it.  I think that will depend on how much yarn results.  What I do have in mind in dyeing.  This will become part of a dyeing day.   It should be interesting to see how the dye takes up on the slightly different shades of roving.

There are two big skeins of the white roving, and two small skeins of the beige.  This first skein took up hardly any of the first skeins.  I think I will get a lot of yarn from this one awful scarf.

I do think I will save the tag and sew it back onto whatever is made from the yarn.


I had some help with this project too.  This is Sadie.  She is instrumental in all things.  She isn’t sleeping, she if focusing all her energies into the spinning.  It only looks like sleeping.



2 thoughts on “Bridging the GAP

  1. I am so glad that you are back because what you see in others’ trash is truly amazing. That is beautiful fiber and I am sure that whatever you make with it will be as beautiful. You continue to surprise me and make me proud of all that you do. Keep up the wonderful work.
    (I am so glad that you are back here because I look forward to it every day and every night, as I am sure that Judy and Auntie Vee do as well.)

  2. YEAH !! AND HOORAY! I’m so glad you are back. I missed you lots and lots, Girl! So happy for you and THANKS to your MUM. I’ve known how great she is way longer than you. My BFFF. I guess that’s how a person would text it if I knew how. And now I can check your blog in the morning with my coffee and again in the P.M. to read your latest things you are doing and see your photographs—they are so interesting. I really enjoy your writings and wittiness. Thank you for all of it! I love you and your MUM. XOX From, Auntie V

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