And we’re back…

It has been a month since I have been here.  And this last month has seen the demise of two computers.  The lap top, which I really did like, although it was old and didn’t really function as a lap top,  but more as a slim-line-desk-top-that-wasn’t-really-portable, has reached its final end.  The young man at the computer fix it place said that the hard drive had died.  I’m not sure if he said died, but that’s what he meant.  I think he was maybe 16.  The lap top was about 12.  Kind of funny.  To him it might as well have been  an old RCA Victrola.  He started taking apart my computer with a screwdriver, which I though completely inappropriate since I was standing right there, dug out the hard drive and plugged it in to some state of the art computer that probably only computer fix it people have, and said, “Yup, it’s dead”.  I think the “Mam” was implied.  I figured it was dead, but it’s nice to have a second opinion.  He said they probably couldn’t even get parts for it. They could try to get my photos out of it for me but this would take “a long time” and probably about $30.  I don’t know how he arrived at that figure.  Seems like “a long time” should cost more. And how long is “a long time”  I said I would think about it.  He started to put the old girl back together, and I said that since it was dead, no need to put every last teeny screw back in, just chuck it in a bag and I would be on my way.   No fee to tell me my friend was dead.  I wish the vet was like that.  And the Compaq was not upgradable.  The Compaq was a nice temporary fix, but it was really slow, and couldn’t handle photos.  This blog was just not going to happen with the Compaq.  And I really just gave up even looking at anything on the net, since it took a while to get from site to site.  In the bigger picture, if it takes a minute to get from one site to the next, that really isn’t that big a deal, but when you were used to it taking 3 seconds, it seems like forever when you are trying to do anything.  It was like going from broadband back down to dial up.  Dial up is okay until you find out what broadband is.  Then you just can’t go back to dial up.

So after a couple of depressing, anti-computer weeks, we now have…..drum roll please…… A BRAND NEW HP PAVILION….. which is faster and cooler than any other computer I have ever used.  I bet it’s even better than the computer fix it boy’s.  (Well, maybe not).  But it is FABULOUS.  Yeah, baby, I got a Terabyte of something or other (not sure what that means yet, but I’m sure it is HUGE).  I am so excited about this.  And still somewhat intimidated.  I got really nervous hooking it all up.  I mean, I actually felt queasy.  I even did some  cleaning to avoid putting it together for a while.   I don’t really have any concept yet of what it can really do.  The old Compaq had 2GB, the Dell we looked at had 4GB, but this thing has 8GB.  Wow.  No, I don’t know what that means, but I do understand that 8 is more than 4, and lots more than 2.  (Damn it Jim, I’m a knitting geek, not a computer geek.)

And how did we get such a special fabulous speedy cool thing as this?  The  header says it all—THANK YOU MUM!  Yep, Mum to the rescue.  You all knew she was great before, but now even more great-er-ish.  Ug and I went computer shopping on line one morning, comparing, price checking, learning what to look for.  We first thought a Dell was the way to go, but then we saw this one, and for about $20 more than the Dell, this HP has tons more stuff in it.  And as soon as I figure out what all that stuff is for and what it can do, I will be more fully amazed than I am now.

Just with this first blog, the better-ness is readily apparent.  In the lap top (never did attempt this in the Compaq) it would take literally 5 minutes to download ONE picture.  Some perspective on how long those past blogs took to put together.  This one took about 30 seconds.  Hooty-hoot.

Mum, I really can’t thank you enough for this great new toy tool.

There are lots of things to catch up on.  I will take the next week or so to fill in some of the things going on, projects finished, what the river is doing (cool spring stuff), things we’ve been doing.

Another thank you goes out to Judy who helped my Mum get this thing ordered and in the mail.  Something else that amazes me is that they ordered this on a Saturday and it was in the yard on Monday.  Even the delivery of an HP is faster.  I bet the Dell would have been slower, a week at least.   hahahahaha   Thanks Judy!  She’s really the computer whiz and knows what all of this stuff means and can do.

It was strange not to have a computer for a month.  I hadn’t realized what a habit it had become.  And I don’t think I use it nearly as much as some people do.  I usually use it for a half to an hour in the morning, with coffee, in the jammies, and then for about the same when I get home from work at night. I found that sitting on the couch drinking coffee with no internet is just weird.  I don’t have tv, and my cell phone is a trac phone (really high-tech here), so nothing at all was just….strange.  I watched a few movies, but even that wasn’t right.  There are a couple of blogs that I follow, and I felt like I was missing something by not being able to check in on them.  Actually, my Ug gets some big points here, because he would occasionally read me one of the blogs over the phone.  That is a true friend.  I know he really doesn’t care what Kath had for breakfast (  What a guy.

Something I found hilarious, but then maybe just a little sad, came from our friend Everett.  I was giving him a ride somewhere, talking about my computer problems–Everett doesn’t know much about computers, we’ll meet Everett another time–and he had an interesting comment.  I was telling him that I basically use my computer as a knitting tool.  I look up patterns, follow what other people are doing, etc.  He thought about it for a minute, and in his very uniquely Everett way said “So basically you bored your computer to death.”  Which was really funny to me until I thought about it more.  Maybe he was right.  What if my laptop committed suicide?  What if it just got so sick of looking for, talking about, taking pictures, of yarn and yarn related hobbies, with its only excitement being downloading readings of Sherlock Holmes onto an MP3 player, that it just decided to end its own life?  Is there such a thing as computer-icide?  If so, dear laptop, I am so sorry.  I should have been watching more stupid pet videos on You Tube, keeping up with people I barely know on Face Book.  But no, I was selfishly looking at yarn junk.

Anyway, again, thank you Mum.


4 thoughts on “And we’re back…

  1. Yippee! You are back! You help take me away…..better than the old Calgon commercals. OKJ…so maybe you are too young to remember those things!
    So glad it is working well. Looking forward to all the new toys….er….tools you have at hand. Welcome back to the world of infinite possibilities!!!!

  2. I, too, am glad that you are back!! I am sooo glad to put some happiness back in your days. I know that your blog gives Judy and myself something to look forward to. I know, you may think that we need to “get a life”, but this is a very nice part of it. Looking forward to new additions. Talk to you soon. Mom

    • You’re wrong about the “thinking you have no life” part. I follow blogs of people I don’t even know and will never meet. I like to think of this as a way for you to see what I’m doing with all of my spare time. And remember, “no life…”, I’m the one who per Everett: “bored my computer to death” with knitting junk. Thanks for your support. This blog encourages me to keep finishing projects and really thinking about them in logical, step by step ways too. Thanks for the patronage!

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