Please stand by….

…while we experience some technical difficulties…….

fattoria fiber works is going to be on a (hopefully) brief hiatus while I figure out my computer situation.

The laptop that I was using was great.  It was old and clunky and really didn’t function as a laptop, since the battery didn’t work and the wi-fi card that I bought for it ($50) I never could get to work.  So it was basically a desk top lap top.  But that was okay with me.  It was fast and did what I asked it to do.  Why is all of that in the past tense?  It didn’t stop working so much as it stopped turning back on.  Kind of important in a gadget.  The ON part I mean.  So I usually just left it on.  But sometimes it would turn itself off, then it would take lots of finesse and pleading to get it to come back to life.  Until a few days ago when it STOPPED turning ON.  When, finally, in its last gasps when I could still get it to come on, sort of, I got some kind of message telling me that the something something drivers had “either been corrupted or needed to be re-installed”.  Okay still, since my Ug has taught himself a TON about computers in this last year.  He graciously offered to re-install the driver thing-ys (which if I had been listening when he was talking about his computer projects and not glazing over for not knowing what he was talking about, I would have had a clue that he could do this), but now it won’t turn ON at all.  I’m sorry to see that old friend go.  And more sorry still that I have tons of photos on  the hard drive without back up.  I kept saying, I should really back these up, because one day this thing will just not turn ON, and then………**sigh**

So, since my Ug has become a whiz with the computers, there are several rehabilitated desk top towers in the shed that he has not been able to part with “just in case”.  Well, now I am sorry that I mocked him for saving them when he has his own super duper computer, and  recommended sending them to the dump.  Because he was able to pull one out of the shed, and that is what I am working on now.  I don’t know if I have ever mentioned the Carrabassett Thrift (i.e. the dump) but they have a garage type room where you can leave or pick up items that are still useful.  Couches, dishes, books, radios, computers, etc.  So Ug has gotten a few of these hard drives there, wiped out whatever junk was in them and brought them back to life.  Smarty.  But this one that I am working on, which might be the best of the ones he still has, is quiiiiiiiiiite sloooooooow.   So working on it is somewhat painful.  Moving from website to website is an exercise in patience.  Which is probably character building for me, but I don’t want to wait around to see what that character looks like.

So while I am very grateful that there was a substitute immediately available, it too needs some work.  I am going to take both units to the computer fix-it people in Kingfield–C-Prompt–and see what they think. Maybe a new ON button for the laptop?  Maybe just an upgrade in memory for the tower?  Maybe they will just laugh at me and tell me to get my butt to Walmart and buy a new one.  I don’t know.  I will just limp along until then, but for now, this little blog project will have to wait.

Please stand by for more information.  If this becomes a real emergency you will be notified where to tune in for further details……


One thought on “Please stand by….

  1. Good luck with the computer issues, Bec. Hope you can keep the blog going because I enjoy reading it. Reminds me of the olden days when we was roomies on Deering. Miss you! Jen B. (now Jen M.)

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