It’s still fiber

Happy Saturday morning breakfast!  Multi-grain pancake mix.  I just found this yesterday at Tranten’s Family Market.  I really wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning, but not the plain old insta-quick kind.  Something that might actually be good for you.  Voila!

Some blueberries from the freezer and some homemade cinnamon crunch granola (the last of it).

Sizzle sizzle.  Sizzle sizzle.


And the rest will get made and put into the freezer for another day.

2 thoughts on “It’s still fiber

  1. So yummy. No syrup, just a dollap of plain yogurt, more berries and a tiny bit of granola. Yum-ness. And the best part——in a serving, 10 grams of protein (that’s without the yogurt) and 5 grams of fiber. See, it is still fiber. =)

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