And then there were two

The unspun fiber that you see by the spindles is all that is left to spin.  Maybe a movie’s length left.  So I should be able to finish that tonight when I get home from work.  There are two spindles now which will have roughly the same amount of fiber on them.  Once the fiber is all spun, it will be plied together.  This means that the two singles will be spun together into a two ply yarn.  This can be done from one ball of yarn, which uses all of the spun single, but I find that can get messy.  I will do one like that in the future and show how it is done.  I like to use two spindles or if doing this on the wheel, two bobbins.


It doesn’t look like it will make much yarn, but you’d be surprised how densely packed the singles are on those spindles.  I like to see how the color changes as I’m spinning, and how the yarn piles up on the spindle. 

After the spinning is done there will be a few more steps before this yarn is completed.  There will be the plying, then winding off onto the niddy noddy, then washing and hanging to dry to set the twist.  There will be pictures as I get through each step.  And a few explanations.  Like what the heck is a niddy noddy?

And I know that you are wondering whats on the MP3 right now from LibriVox……..Sherlock Holmes!  So much fun in the car on the way to and from work and around town.  However does he solve those crimes?!?!?!


3 thoughts on “And then there were two

  1. Again great job. I didn’t realize, even after seeing so much of your work, just how much goes into those skeins of yarn that i receive. I thought that it went from the spindles to be wound into balls. I forgot about the plying part!! It makes me realize what a good thing it is when I receive it!!!

  2. These are all natural colors in this batt. No dyeing. The colors and fibers were mixed together on the drum carder. The next time I am making a batt I will take pictures to show that process too. But the drum carder is upstairs, and since I do not heat the upstairs, it will be some time before I spend any real time up there. Too cold still! This fiber is about half wool and half alpaca and should be really soft when done.

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