A cup half full……

The cappuccino fiber is spinning up nicely.  It is really nice to spin.  It is soft and the fibers are of a length that they are not constantly falling apart.  This is about half of the fiber spun.  Maybe a bit less.  As the spindle fills, its weight increases.  As the weight increases, the spinning motion becomes more fluid, and the spindle spins longer.  As the yarn is made, the process speeds up.  The more you spin, the faster you spin.

This amount of spinning represents a few hours time.  Three or four, maybe.  I don’t look at finished yarn and think of it in terms of the value of my hours work.  If I were to do that, then my monetary worth for my accumulated work would literally be about 50 cents or one dollar per hour, if I were to sell this yarn at a reasonable, market value price.  I don’t look at it this way.  I can’t look at it this way.  It has to be something done because of other values received or completed or created. 

Sometimes the process itself is worth much more than the outcome.  The time spent spinning is more valuable to me than the completed yarn.  I can buy yarn.  I can buy nice yarn at a pretty reasonable price.  If I did that, I would be missing out on the process.  This is why it does not bother me to knit and knit and knit, realize a project is not right, then rip it out.  Sometimes it is not about the completed item, but about the time spent in the repetitive, reflective act itself.

 I think that when people who do not make things think about people who do make things, if they think about them at all, they are often missing most of the picture.  When people who do not create things, or are not creative or especially imaginative in other ways consider spinning or knitting, all they see is some boring, repetitive task that old ladies do, or did a long time ago.  I think that what they don’t see is the sense of calm, or even well-being that takes over when working on a project.  Almost a form of meditation practice.  External things fall away.  Worries are lost.  Or sometimes it provides enough time to really focus on and work through an issue.  The work that the hands are doing becomes simply a vehicle for keeping one part of the mind working on the task in your hands while another part is then able to go somewhere else and work through bigger issues.  Or to be given the freedom to stop working through and thinking about issues.  And if the end result is also something tangible and useful–socks, mittens, many many hats, all the better.

2 thoughts on “A cup half full……

  1. I think it is great that your work has real value on so many different levels…..artistic….psychological and commerical (whether using your creativity to batter or swap, gift or sell.) Most of us can not make that statement.
    A round of applause please for the lady of the north.

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