Saturday morning cappuccino

After the crush of the Christmas hats was over, I thought I would immediately dive back into spinning.  That didn’t happen.  There have been a few small knitting projects still going on.  I haven’t shown them here because most of them got ripped out.  Sometimes things don’t always work out the way that you had planned.  So some of these projects just get turned back into yarn rather than finishing a project that isn’t right.  So the spinning is coming back into the crafty rotation slowly.  A couple of days ago I started working on this:

This is a batt that I made on my drum carder this summer.  It is about half and half alpaca and wool.  It is really soft and I like the color.  This summer I tried to sell some batts and some yarn at the farmers market in Farmington. I thought it would be a more profitable venture.  There are spinning and knitting groups in Farmington, even a couple of yarn stores.  But I really didn’t sell anything.  I think I sold two batts and one skein of yarn.  It took up way too much of my time–time that I could have been devoting to my garden, which suffered greatly from my lack of attention–and didn’t profit.  So now I have some batts that want to be spun.  This is one of them.

This is the batt opened up.  This side is lighter than the other side.  This is a drop spindle that I put together.  I don’t have any real spindles–as in store-bought professionally made and balanced spindles.  But I have a few that I have made myself.  They work fine.  A well made, hand-made spindle would spin much more freely than my half-assed ones, but since I have never used a good one, I am still blissfully ignorant of just HOW much nicer they are.  I think it best to stick to my clunky things and not know how they compare.   This one is a chunky knitting needle (too big for anything I knit and the stitches fall off the end as there is no real definition at the end) and a (scratched) CD and a 30 cent grommet from the hardware store.  The little eye screw is screwed into the end of the needle.  And if I should want to use this as a knitting needle again, the whole thing still comes apart.

This is the very beginning of the spinning.  I will show more pics as the spindle fills up.

Kind of a blurry pic, but you can see the color variation.

Usually while I am working at the computer I have a small project that I am working on at the same time.  When writing these posts, for example, each picture takes 3-4 minutes to upload.  I don’t like just sitting here staring at the screen waiting, so I am usually spinning or knitting or something while waiting.  A lot of work gets done in 3-4 minute segments. 

Now if there really was cappuccino in my coffee mug this morning and not just cheap old regular…………….

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