Oh my (oh meyer!)

One other purchase yesterday (not from the Spice of Life, but sadly from Walmart–I just hate it when something good comes from Walmart) was this little sack of gems:

If there is one bright spot in the winter produce aisle, it is definitely the citrus fruits.  This one pound bag of Meyer lemons was $1.65.  How could I resist? 

The back of the bag says that Meyer lemons are actually a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.  I never knew that. 

Lemon has to be one of my all time favorite flavors.  Lemon tea, desserts, candies, whatever.  Lemon, lemon, lemon.  And Meyer lemons are just about the best lemons ever.  They are so sweet and smell so lemon-y.  They smell almost too lemony or something.  Fake almost.  They are smaller than regular lemons, not as small as Key limes, but maybe about half the size of a regular lemon.  And they are sweet.  SWEET.  And like the bag says, Sweet and Tart.  Like a Lemonhead candy.  

Most mornings for breakfast I eat yogurt and granola.  Lately I’ve been alternating oatmeal one day and yogurt the next.  This morning I made the most amazing lemon yogurt with one of these guys.  No granola.  That would have ruined it.  I cut the rind off the outside to save for drying (more about that another time) and squeezed the juice and pulp into my plain yogurt (Stoneyfield Farms Whole Milk Plain yogurt.  Yum).  Then I ate most of the left over pulp.  Really, they are that sweet that you can eat them like an orange.  Almost.  I added a little bit of that agave nectar to the yogurt.  It was sooooooo good.  A bright sunny spot on a(nother) gray winter morning.

My mother discovered the best lemon tea.  Meyer Lemon from Stash.  They sell this amazing item at Reny’s.  $2.39 a box.  That’s a steal.  And those folks at Stash really got the lemon flavor right too.  So if you can’t find a bag of these at Walmart, Reny’s has the next best thing.  And people don’t look at you so funny if you are drinking lemon tea as they do if you are wallowing in a lemon.

One thought on “Oh my (oh meyer!)

  1. My.my,my! Oh Myer is right, Girl! I happened upon them at my favorite Cosco store that I just love to visit! It was right before Christmas. So I said Merry Christmas to me and bought the Beauties. They are so good in our iced tea and when we finish the drink, we have the lovely yellow sweet treat . They are so delish. I hope they remain available because I’m hooked now. Loved reading your story about you finding this treasure! So long foe now, auntie V

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