The Spice of Life

We made a big trip to Skowhegan today.  Reny’s, The Spice of Life, Walmart, and the Dollar Tree.  That is a big outing for us and will be the extent of our shopping for a while now.  Exciting, eh?  Nothing purchased at Reny’s, although we tried really hard, and only some essentials at Wm and Dollar Store.  My fun stuff was from the Spice of Life, our other health food store (the other one is in Farmington).

Santa Claus gave me a gift certificate for Christmas.  Boy, that seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it?  So I’ve been trying to decide if there was anything I just couldn’t live without from there.  I was thinking that I would get some honey–a big jar–as a special treat.  But that special treat, a quart sized jar of local honey was $19!  Good Lord. Way too much money.  I know that the value of it is probably reasonable, but I just couldn’t spend that kind of money on honey. 

So I wandered around for a while and decided on a few smaller things instead.  This store has a really great wall of jars of herbs and spices that you scoop out and pay a per pound price.  The last time I was there I discovered Vietnamese Cinnamon.  Sweeter than regular cinnamon.  Not so much of a bite to it, but really nice.  Spices are a much better deal when you buy them like than instead of in those little plastic jars.  You’re paying for a cheap plastic bag, not a bottle and label and advertising.  This is a great way to buy pickling spices too when that time rolls around again.  This time I found that they had a few loose leaf teas along with the herbs and spices.  I don’t think they had that last time.

This tea is organic, naturally decaffeinated mango green tea.  It smells really fruity and hints that it might be tart, but it is really just a nice green tea.  The smell kind of disappears when you taste it.  So it isn’t overpoweringly fruity, just a bit of something else in there. 

This photo isn’t a very good one.  The color of the tea in the bag is really green with yellow flower petals.  This photo is of a pint mason jar (also a Christmas gift–thanks!) and it is about 1/2 full.  So this much tea was $4.  It was $29.99 per pound.  But I find that with tea, you only need a few ounces for a real treat.  And with the beaded tea ball, it feels like a real luxury. 

I also got some Agave Nectar.  I have been wanting to try this for a some time.  I really like honey in my coffee, so I think this will be a nice way to try this product.

And this one last treat from the Spice of Life…..

Cocktail tomatoes from Back Yard Farms in Madison.  $1.99 per pound.  They are bigger than cherry tomatoes and smaller than plum tomatoes.  This health food store always has tomatoes from BYF.  And at a reasonable price too.  I ate about this many while we were driving around.  They don’t quite taste like a garden tomato, they are after all made in a factory/greenhouse, not an actual back yard, but in January they come pretty darned close.  I don’t think I will make anything with them, I think I will just leave them on the counter and eat them. 

Pretty good Sunday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “The Spice of Life

  1. They sure look yummy! Makes you want to start the garden! Can’t wait- hope to feel well enough by then to help with the garden this year. Just to let you know-am enjoying this blog a whole lot and so are all of the people I tell about it.

  2. Just checking in to let you know that another one of your aunts has joined in to read(is this a politically correct term) your log. I love hearing what you are doing. I am also one of the crafters in the family and I do what is being called UP-CYCLEING. I think you could fall into this category because of your home-made thing-a-ma-jigs you use in your spinning. Basically it is using things of another purpose and making it into something else, mostly in a decorative but useful sense such as bird feeders, art, or jewelry–Get the picture?Anyway, I’m out here listening and enjoying.
    Aunt N

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