New blue mittens

Since the whole shrinking of the favorite pink wool lined mittens episode, I have been obsessing on new mittens.  It was really great to get Wood Gettin’ Gloves in the mail (thank you!), but I still find myself wanting cozy mittens.  As I have said before, I am not a quick knitter.  So, while I am working on some mittens for myself, it is bitterly cold here and I need mittens, like, now. 

So this morning I was upstairs rooting around in the sewing room–I have a whole room for that and it is upstairs so I don’t have to look at the pile o’ crap that is the sewing room—anyway…root root root…then I spied this sweater that I had previously felted to toddler size.  I do that I guess.  See aforementioned need for non-toddler sized mittens.  So I picked up said sweater, which is really soft and a pretty color.  Mittens?  Yep. 

It took a half hours, tops.  And that’s only because one of them I sewed kind of wonky.  And since my hand is not actually the shape that I sewed, I had to re-curve it into hand shape.  They are really cute and really warm and were really fast.  Good for a pinch.  Now I can take my time knitting mittens.  I will post a tutorial on how to make mittens from a sweater the next time I make some.  Probably soon, they’re ridiculously easy.

You see, it seems that I forget that I can sew.  I get so wound up in knitting and spinning (wound up, get it?), that I sometimes forget about sewing.  I think I am pretty good at it too.  I don’t quilt or anything useful like that.  But I can make clothes.  I can make clothes, but that doesn’t mean I do it very often.  Sometimes when we are able do something, we don’t do it because we don’t think of it.  It comes as second nature or something, so you forget that you can do it.

Even in high school I was perfecting my flat fell seams (yes, I can hear you….geek even then).  My mum taught me to sew.  I have very specific memories of sewing for Barbie.  My mum had unusual teaching methods.  I learned to knit by knitting socks.  Not a scarf, or a blanket for dolly, no no, socks.  How old was I Mum? 8? 9? Who teaches their kid to knit socks?  Who has the patience for that??  And get this……..she’s a lefty and I’m a righty.  P-A-T–I-E-N-C-E. But the sewing came first.  And I remember sewing long before learning how to knit.  My mum used to sew lots of our clothes.  And I got to have the scrappin’s.  So I sewed for Barbie.  Again, Barbie, mind you.  Have you ever seen the curves on a Barbie?  This meant lots of darts and gathers and fitted things and teeny tiny buttons.  And button holes. 

Thanks again, Mum, for giving me these skills so early on.  They are good friends to me now, and come in quite handy.  Without a lot of cash to rely on, it is sometimes really important to know how to do this stuff.  I’m really proud of the fact that I can take some old thing that someone else would throw out and turn it into something useful and stylish.  For free.

2 thoughts on “New blue mittens

  1. You have no idea how good this post makes me feel!! I am proud of you and know that you got a ton of common sense. Your life lessons have been good ones!!

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