Poor little kitten lost her (wood gettin’) mittens

Yesterday I mentioned in passing that I wanted to start knitting mittens.  Well, now I HAVE to start knitting mittens.  My only-mittens-I-ever-made-myself went into the washer today.  That much I was aware of.  They were messy, full of twigs and lichen and wood dirt, and needed a bath.  I saw them go into the wash and said to myself “don’t put those in the dryer”.  Yep.  Into the dryer they went without even thinking about it.  They came out really beautifully clean.  And smaller.  Too much smaller.  Big Dope. 

So now I have to knit new mittens.  I have just cast on for a new pair.  And while I was doing that I realized that I have enough of that same pink yarn and more roving to re-knit and re-create the old favorite very warm now smaller mittens.  I will also try to find someone to pass on my smaller mittens to.  Homemaker’s Extension is coming up.  I bet one of those ladies has petite hands that would like some felted mittens.

2 thoughts on “Poor little kitten lost her (wood gettin’) mittens

  1. Mittens in the mail! Mittens in the mail! Oh joy!

    You see, this is why I can’t knit socks. I mentioned mittens two days ago. My mum has put finished mittens in the mail. I am still thinking about mittens and have knit 6 rows of one. By the time I am done with mine, the ones she is sending me will be all crapped up alread with sticks and twigs and stuff. Thanks Mum for mittens in the mail!

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