And another…..

I thought the last hat was the last hat.  But they just keep on coming.  This one wanted to be made.  I couldn’t help it.  I’ve been wanting to work on other things, but the hats are winning.  Also, the color is not my favorite, but someone next year for Christmas will like it.  This is really the same beret hat as the others, but the cabling and the purl stitches make it look a bit different.

It seems like the knitting goes much faster when there is not a deadline.  Why is that?  When Christmas is looming on the horizon each stitch seems to take hours to make.  When it is just for fun or just to work out something that was in your head, the rows just fall right out of the needles. 

I have been wanting to work on something else, but the hats are winning.  What I would like to work on is mittens.  I have only knit one pair of mittens in my life.  I wear them now and love them, but they are getting a bit shabby.  (I’ve been using them to bring his wood in and they are getting too used.  Bits of lichen are stuck to them right now.  I don’t really mind though.)  The mittens I have  now are thrummed.  An odd choice for a first and only pair of mittens.  On our first pair of mittens we couldn’t possibly just make plain old mittens.  Noooo……they had to be lined with roving.  And I really don’t think there was a pattern.  Typical, though.  They are the warmest things I have ever put on my hands.  I have a pair of leather gloves specifically for getting wood in, but my fingers are always cold in gloves.  So the (thrummed, pink) mittens are taking the brunt of the work.  And I can’t really get to mittens if the hats keep insisting on themselves.

Today was such a gray day.  It snowed-sleeted-rained-snowed all day.  We have about 2 inches of new snow/sleet mix, and now it is sort of raining (10 pm).  Tomorrow will probably be brighter and the whole thing will be sparkly and new again, but today was just gray.  The photo of the bridge in the header was taken today.  Shades of gray.  I think its good to note that the photo of the bridge is only half a photo.  That bridge is acutally two arches wide, in the photo it looks like one arch would span the river, but its really two.  Even on a gray day I think my river (or my bend in the Carrabassett River) is just beautiful.  Some winters that river will freeze all the way over, some years it just sort of freezes around the rocks.  Either way, it changes every day and I just love it.  It is constant in its changing.


7 thoughts on “And another…..

  1. That hat is gorgeous and i am soooo envious!! I have tried a couple of times this week to get my knitting mojo back but it just won’t come. Everyone needs hats and if I can focus on and be comfortable with tubs of socks-yu can be the hat lady. Will see what I can do about the wood gathering mittens.

    • The only reason I can knit hats is because you only have to knit ONE of them. Socks….well you work yourself up and knit a whole sock, then you have to do the whole thing all over again, and try to make it the same. I’d like some pretty NOT wood gathering mittens. Any ideas? Ravelry has lots and lots of mittens (unlike me)!

  2. I’m going to “Gush” about all your projects, your beautiful photographs and all your writings and all you have put into this great Blog! I never knew about blogs or ever read any before. I look forward to checking it out every day. You are doing a great job and I’m really proud of you. By for now , auntie V

  3. Love the hat. The combination of stitches makes it appear very complicated.
    Your area is so beautiful. Love the photos. Duncan will be up there next week for Special Olympics. He does some of the photography for them. Looks forward to that trip every year.
    Keep up the blog. I love catching up every few days. Thanks for the escape.

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