Blogs I follow

Here are a few blogs that I like to read:

The Yarn Harlot, or Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is a professional knitter.  How do you get that job??  She has written several books–8 I think–and seems to spend her time mostly traveling round the US and Canada (she’s Canadian) on book tours and signings.  Her blog is about her tours and her current projects.  She writes a bit about her family too.  She is really funny, and makes me feel so much better about my own daily failures and petty problems.  It is comforting to me to learn that not everyone has their shit together all the time.  Her photos are great and she writes almost everyday or every couple of days.

Kath Eats Real Food is written by Kath Younger who is a registered dietician in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She and her husband own and run a bakery called Open Sky.  This blog is pretty much what it says–daily pictures of what Kath is eating.  Which sounds kind of ridiculous, but I find it pretty inspiring.  Everything she and her husband eat is all natural and super healthy.  There are recipes too. 

I have been trying very hard since November to really focus on what I eat and to make some healthy changes.  I find a quick check in in the morning at this blog gives me some ideas for the day and resets my resolve.  I especially love what she does with oatmeal.  There are cooked oatmeals and then there are overnight oats which are not cooked at all, but sit overnight in a bowl or jar soaking up some liquid and some flavor.  These probably are not for everyone, but I love them.  In a jar or bowl add about 1/3 oats, 1/3 milk or water and 1/3 yogurt.  You can add whatever you want from there.  Or it could be all milk and no yogurt, whatever.  I tried the pumpkin oats which were fabulous.  Canned pumpkin and spices added to this oatmeal glop.  This morning I had blueberry coconut with granola.  They are so creamy and yummy.  I really love that if you mix this at night, they are just sitting there waiting for you to get up in the morning.  No cooking, no mess in the morning.  Just a hearty breakfast.  And no scorched oatmeal pot to wash (that’s the only way I know how to cook oats).  My dog Sadie likes them too.  She gets a couple of spoon-fulls over her dry cereal. 

This blog is really called Needled, but the address is  Kate Davies lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.  When I want to feel really and solidly mediocre I like to look at this blog.  This woman is amazing.  She is a textile designer.  Mostly knitting.  She has a couple of books out and lots of articles and patterns.  What she designs and knits is just incredible.  What is more incredible is that she had a pretty major stroke a couple of years ago.  She could no longer work at her job as an “academic” (I don’t know what that is), due to fatigue and memory issues.  She now works at her own pace in and around her continued stroke recovery.  The photos of Scotland are just great.  And Bruce seems to be a great friend to her.  But just you wait till you see what she does. 

Have fun with these.  I do.  I find all three to be inspiring and help me to focus on my current goals and projects.  Enjoy.

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