The unwrapping is all done

Merry Christmas everyone!  Following are a few photos of gifts that were given, but could not be shown until today so as not to ruin the surprise. 

These two little things are ipod holders.  They are for Jessie and Lauri.  These are two girls I work with.  They have been best friends for ever, and will still be best friends when they are in a nursing home.  They are both 18 and are in their first year of college.  Jessie is at UMaine Farmington and Augusta, and Lauri is at UMaine Orono.  This is the first time they have been apart.  I think they are adapting beautifully.  Both are more mature and responsible than people I know who are much older than they.  Jessie still works with us and lives at home.  Lauri lives on campus and works a bit when she is home on break or at the weekend.

Jessie said she wanted a knitted pink ipod holder for Christmas.  And in the same breath she said that Lauri should have one too, but blue or green.  I love how they think of their friend almost immediately after themselves–and usually before themselves.  These two are more sisters than sisters can be.  Jessie has the larger type ipod and Lauri has the mini-whatever-its-called.  Merry Christmas girls.

This hat is for Ug’s Pa.  His head does not resemble the model pumpkin.

This hat is for Ug’s Ma.  She was the only recipient of a gift still on the needles this year.  I was up until 11 last night trying to finish the last 6 rows.  But my eyes were too droopy to finish, and there were deviled eggs to make and a cake to frost and stuff to pack and muffins to make this morning, so this one got wrapped up as is.  It was finished by the time they left however, so she got to take it home with her.  The look on her face was priceless though.  She thought the needles meant that SHE had to finish it.  Fright and disbelief that I was asking her to knit. 

My own mum is in hospital for this holiday, so we will have another Christmas with her when she is out and feeling better.  That means I have some time left to work on her gifts. The last couple years we have had a later Christmas with them.  In January or February.  It takes some of the pressure off everyone, and since we live about 3 hours apart, it is a lot to try to fit in a one day visit and have it be Christmas. 

Christmas just wasn’t the same this year though.  I was trying to enjoy the morning, but was really worrying about her and wishing that she was having her own presents and snacks and fun instead of spending Christmas in the hospital.  Even if we don’t usually see them on the day itself, as least I know that she is having her own holiday. 

We went to see our friend Everett this afternoon.  He was having his own fun by himself, but seemed really pleased to see us.  While we were there he ate half of the snack plate that we brought for us.  Everett is not shy about being a good eater.  He is usally at our family holidays, but not this year.  We wanted to include him anyway. 

Another year gone by.  What will next Christmas bring? 






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