Sue’s Hat

Sue is my other boss.  Neal’s wife.  The place does not run without her.  We all agree that we don’t like it when Sue is on vacation.  Things slowly fall apart.  We’re okay for the first day or two, then things go downhill after that.  Good thing she doesn’t get much time off! (Someone has to be there while Neal is hunting!)

So this hat is made from some superwash Merino.  It came to me in pencil roving, and all the colors were separate.  I blended them together at the wheel.  This was before I had a carder, or I would probably have carded them together.  I have some blue from the same supplier (have lost the tags for this one, so I don’t remember where it came from).  I did card the blue together, and will show this on a later post. The colors blended beautifully with the blue.  But with the green they are all separate and form repeating color changes.  I did not ply the singles together as I wanted to maintain the distinct colors.  Plying would have given it a barber pole effect which I did not want.

I took this off the needles part way through to get a better idea of how big it was.  Sue is  a small person and I did not want the hat to be big and floppy on her.



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