Neal’s (3 year) Socks

These socks are a Christmas present for my boss —- which I started 3 years ago.  Sorry Neal.  And even at 3 years, I had to pass them on to my mum to finish.  I got as far as the bottom of the leg, or the top of the heel.  She had to do the heel and the foot (feet).  Not because I don’t know how—I do know how to make socks—but because if they sat there any longer they would be 4 year socks.  Thanks for the help mum. 

I can knit one sock quite well and easily.  I don’t like to knit the second sock.  This would not be the first sock project that she has had to finish for me.  They call that “second sock syndrome”.  Knowing this about myself, I decided to get around it by using the two-at-once method of sock knitting.  That works great for a lot of people.  For me it meant that I had two socks half done, not just one. 

Anyway, Neal is a avid outdoors man, hunting, fishing, canoeing, etc.  So I think he will really like these.

I should have blocked them, since the heel looks a bit crinkly, but time does get away……



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