How many days left until Christmas?!?!?!?

Today is December 13.  It was quite a shock to me yesterday when I realized that it was December 12.  I mean, I KNEW it was December 12, but it was more like  DECEMBER 12!?!?!?!?!  When did that happen???  I have been quite happy smuggly thinking that I had just weeks and weeks of time left to putter around and make some nice gifts for Christmas.  In fact, until yesterday I was still working out what it was that I was making.  I think that is called denial.  So panic set in.  And now I am furiously knitting.  And making lists.  And knitting.  I’m a pretty slow knitter, so this is not something I can just pull out of nowhere.  I’ll give it a go, though.

This is a hat that I have been working on for my Secret Santa at work.  Leisurely working on.  Until yesterday.  Then I sat up a bit late last night and cranked out some stitches.  I think she’ll like this.  Not this picture, since this is right off the needles.  This is actually a lesson in blocking for me.  Looks like junk right off the needles.  Like when you find your hat at the bottom of your book bag.

But after a brief soak in a basin of hot water and soap, then a bit of a rinse, and it looks entirely different.  The ridge in the middle is because there is a dinner plate in there helping to shape the hat.

 The gray is handspun wool that I spun a couple of years ago.  The pink and cream are commercial yarns.  Wool-ease maybe? (Lion Brand)

I think it could have been just a bit smaller, but with 12 days left, there is no way I even thought about pulling it out and starting over.  The colors are pretty together though.  I was surprised at how little yarn this took.  Three little balls.  I mean little.  The pink was the size of a golf ball, and the gray and cream weren’t much bigger.  A great way to use up some little bits.

I hope you like it Sharon!

Note:  Am I worried about revealing who my Secret Santa is?  No.  First of all, no one reads this, and second of all, the first thing after the co-workers pick names, they are all telling each other who they picked.  I didn’t tell, but they work these things out by process of elimination.  Shameless.

The next project is already underway. 




2 thoughts on “How many days left until Christmas?!?!?!?

  1. A dinnerplate-who else would think of that except you!!! Smartie! Your Secret Santa recipient is going to love that hat! Sometimes it is surprising how far those little bits of yarn will travel. Keep up the great blog as I enjoy them all.

  2. This is Sharon. A hat? I’m a hundred years old. Think I need another hat? How about knitting me a Cadillac? Great blog though.

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