fattoria fiberworks

In Italian, fattoria means a place where things are made.  That place could be a factory, a shop, a farm, a studio–wherever things are made.  That is how I think of my home and surroundings.  A place where I make things.  Fiber-y things (knitting, spinning, sewing, etc.), garden things, cooking things, written things.  This is where I will explore those things and share them with others.


5 thoughts on “fattoria fiberworks

  1. Love your fattoria.
    Interested in your “yarnworks.” Can’t wait to read it all.
    This may sound like a silly question….but here goes…….We just moved to an area with two alpaca farms nearby. All of a sudden those cute little devils are sporting red and orange neck scarves. Does that really keep them warm or is there another reason for the new attire? Wondering if you knew.
    From a friend of your Mom’s.

    • Hello Judy! Thanks for looking at my new project. My best guess about the alpaca scarves would be that it is hunting season and from a distance to an eager hunter I bet they look like a really big herd of deer. Or maybe Martha Stewart said that all of the stylish alpacas are wearing scarves this year. But probably hunting?

  2. We haven’t planted our garlic as yet and am wondering if it is too late. I hope not. I have to wait until hunting season is over before you-know-who will till up a place for me to plant them. There are warm days in the near forecast and am hoping that it will hold for one more week.

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